The Fellfin Isles

A medieval world of verdant moors and storm-wracked seas. Grey skies and frequent violent storms permanently cast an air of sullen brutality over the island.

The economy rests mainly on farming where the mostly barren landscape allows it, and where it doesn’t; cattle herding sustains the people.

A hard-working people, the Fellfinish islanders would be never be described as “polite”, but as a whole they are generally respectful and will make an effort to keep mostly to themselves and carry on with the task at hand.

Notable settlements include the capital city: Ironwood, the castle of the ruling monarch: Breystone Keep; and the large port city of Galey. Some more modest settlements include the moderate-sized villages of Almstead, Fydale, Wolford, and Prymner.

The Fellfin Isles

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